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Entertainment news post 3/05/09

March 6, 2009

Well we now have the top 13 finalists for American Idol. Jasmine Murray, Matt Giraud, Megan Corkey and Anoop Desai rounded it off. Tatiana Del Toro got real emotional after finding out that she was not picked. She feel to her knees and pleaded with the judges. All for naught though. Ryan Seacrest came on stage and said that she did not have to get up off her knees. Kara Dioguardi kept on repeating “Family Show, Family show.” throughout the awkward moment.

The other finalists are Danny Gokey, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Scott MacIntyre, Jorge Nunez, Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver. So this is the first time that there will be a top 13. Cool. Next week Original American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson will perform. That should be quite good!

In other news Warner Bros studios is hoping that “The Watchmen” will have a big starting weekend. something on par of 60 million dollar gross. I know one thing for sure is that I will be seeing the movie this weekend. And I will give my review shortly thereafter. So we will see what happens!

Well that is it for now and may your day be wonderful!

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