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American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry

July 11, 2006

who came was voted off in 4th place on American Idol has signed a recordng deal with with music mogul Clive Davis in conjunction with 19 Recordings Unlimited which is also managed by Idol creator Simon Fuller. Evidently the 26 year old native of North Carolina will be forming his own band and will be getting some “A” list people to help write and record material for a new album. Daughtry turned down an offer to be lead singer with the band called “Fuel” last month.

So coming in 4th on a top rated talent show is not all that bad! And it looks like the American Idol is going on quite well this summer. If you get the chance you should go and see them live. They put on quite a show. The above link is the original AP article where I got the source material for this post.

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  1. inkrambles permalink
    May 25, 2007 11:53 pm

    We shouldn’t under estimate the power of shows like American Idol. Yes, we watch and vote. But the people who win have no guarantees of longevity. My mother said, “cream always rises to the top”. Nothing could be more true than the story of Chris Daughtry. This show is a springboard for who ever gets exposure. If you are great, it will manifest itself sooner or later.

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