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Rocketboom Lady Amanda Congdon leaves….

July 8, 2006

Rocketboom star exits her famous perch – Yahoo! News

and evidently both the vlogging world and the blogging world will not be the same. “The internet is like a smoothly paved road, I can go anywhere I want, Amanda said. So it looks like that is where she is going to go after a dispute with her Rocketboom partner Andrew Michael Baron. This is after a little bit less than 2 years of being a sometimes quirky and goofy, but all the time georgeous host of a 3 minute fake newscast. Before she came on board to make that newscast she was an aspiring actress and writer. She was also a graduate of Northwestern University.

Internet fame can be quite crazy and quirky itself. But for most of her time online, until recently, fame had not brought about any money. Until later episodes money was 50 dollars a show. The fame brought her a guest spot on CSI:Crime Investigation and representation by one of top Hollywood’s top agents Ari Emanuel. It also brought the inspiration for Jeremy Priven’s Emmy nominated role on “Entourage”.

The blogosphere fame is a peculiar type of fame in which the many feel very close to the one that is either doing the Vlog or just the plain ordinary written blog. And such was the case with Ms. Congdon. Of the estimated 300,000 loyal fans who download her show about 800 emailed her. A quarter of that number were job offers coming from all over the world.

On her blog AmandaUnBoomed posts stating “Amanda we love you” in various different forms and ways were quite common. Amanda said that Rocketboom fans are fiercely loyal, “They’re saying, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll follow you wherever you go.'”. At least she has had one serious offer from Jason Calcanis, of the AOL blogging network Weblogs, Inc. that was made on his blog. Calcanis also mentioned that Amanda does not have a large window of opportunity. Such is the price of internet fame I guess? Well in the case of Ms. Congdon I myself do not feel that will be true. She is a writer and that talent will get her somewhere in the internet world if not the real one.

“It’s not about being the biggest, the most famous person,” Amanda says.
“Video blogging is so much a part of who I am. It’s where my heart is.”
It would be weird to just leave it.” So there it is. Like it was mentioned earlier that one door closes and another one opens. I don’t believe that we have seen the last of Ms. Congdon. And that folks is a very good thing. The inspiration and source material for this posting comes the above AP news article link written by AP National Writer Jocelyn Noveck.

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