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Some cool headlines

June 25, 2006

Kidman and Urban seek a normal wedding. The chances of that happening are the same as hell freezing over.

Steven Colbert is going to show case our Allie Palau in the The Colbert Report. How cute of him to do so!

Opie and Anthony make a come back and I am glad they did! They are quite good. If you like shock jocks then you will like these guys.

And here is some bad news, Aaron Spelling passed away at age 83. He was a great TV producer who produced "Dynasty", "Melrose Place"."Mod Squad" and "Beverly Hills 90210" among other shows in a very long career. "Aaron's contributions in television are unequaled. "To me, he was a dear friend and a truly genuine human being," Jaclyn Smith said of the TV producer.

Looks like Ironman is next to be filmed in the Super hero world. It will be directed by Jon Favreau. A 2008 release is expected I believe.

I was checking out some Billboards Album reviews and saw that they had a good review on the Pet Shop Boys latest album "Fundamental".

Here And the Evolutionary Guinness commercial was voted best ad of the year. I think you will like the above Quick-time link for the beer commercial.

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