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Austrailia is in high gear

June 23, 2006

as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's wedding gets near. And the paparazzi oh the paparazzi are out in force for this one. Camping here camping there or just about any where they think they will get a glimpse of the famous couple. Man oh man I wonder if they have any spy satellites watching the event? You know from 22,000 miles in space? The type that can zero on your license plate? Hey you never know.

You know they have to cover every square inch of this situation. It is amazing to see how many people can get around a car for a close up! It is no small wonder that no one even gets hit! Yes I know that these guys are paid good money for their efforts but damn, sometimes too much is too much!

Like the paparazzo that tried to get into a day care center where Angelina Jolie's son was to get a picture of him. Got arrested for his efforts too. I do not know where that guys head was but that head will be spending some jail time that's for sure. Sometimes these guys just go too far!

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