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Paris Hilton says she enjoys the single life!

June 14, 2006

This is a first for Paris. Not having a man by her side. And she admits that having some time for herself to get to know herself might not be a bad thing. Paris ended her engagement to Paris Latsis (Greek Shipping heir) last year and recently broke up with Stavros Niarchos another Greek shipping heir.

Maybe she will stop dating greek shipping heirs. They may not be her type. Just kidding Paris! I hope that you find happiness no matter where you go in life. Life is to short to be stuck in neutral, enjoy it while you can. Then maybe later you can find the person of your dreams later on.

Hey and there may be hint of hope regarding the public feud between Miss Hilton and Nicole Richie. She has known Richie for 20 years and that they are going through problems now. But one day they will make up. Well only time will tell on that. In the meantime "The Simple Life" has a new format that allows the former friends to have nothing to do with each other. Life goes on!

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