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1.4 billion dollars of Fema relief may turn out to be bogus!

June 14, 2006

The GAO (Government Account Office, Congress's investiational arm)found out. Funds were dispersed to divored lawyers, vacations, sex change operations, you name it they did it! Inmates who had as an address a New Orleans cemetery along with people who stayed at a Hawaiian hotel for 70 days were able to very wrongly get taxpayer help.

Now people if this does not shock you I wonder what will? Evidently even one man used Fema money for a sex change operation!!! I will have to agree with Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, who is chairman of the Homeland Security subcommittee on investigations, that this is an assault on the American Taxpayer. And I agree that prosecutors from the federal level on down should be prosecuting these crimes and putting these people (criminals) away in jail for a long time. I hope.

I mean after all it is mine, yours and everyone's tax money that is being played around here. I also fault Fema for not making sure or validating the individuals request as being truthful to the extent that they know that the money is really going to go where it was needed the most. Like validating the above inmates home address or validate that other people really needed the money and just were not running some sort of scam. I guess you can say that this is another black eye for Fema. When will this stuff stop? No one knows. The source for this post comes from here the original AP aritcle and LARRY MARGASAK, is the Associated Press Writer.

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