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There could be fireworks on the Tonight Show

June 13, 2006

on Wednesday as the guests will be ultra conservative Ann Coulter and antiestablishment, quick witted comedian George Carlin as guests. They will be appearing at different times on the show. Still it should be an interesting show. Normally if there was any sort of political reference it is done during Leno's monlogue. But that will not be the case this Wednesday.

There could be a pretty good chance that Jay may have a little fight on his hands. Carlin is one of the voices on the movie "Cars" and so is there to promote the movie I would take it. And Coulter has a new book out entitled "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" that she is promoting. That book has caused some controversy over an attack on four New Jersey Widows who pushed for an independent commision to make an investigation on the 9/11 attacks that killed their husbands

Like I said things could get interesting quick between these two egos! Scottish singer and songwriter KT Tunstall is going to perform on the show as well. All in all it should be a good show.

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