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B.B. King Still touring at 80!

June 13, 2006

And that folks is quite amazing! Touring in a jumbo sized bus while playing dominoes and checkers and relaxing, B.B. is still taking his favorite guitar "Lucille" around the world. He said he will still tour the world a bit but at 80 years old he will probably cut back.

He is still quite busy though with his museum and the Delta Interpretive Center. So he has not quite cut back yet. People I have to tell you that there is only one B.B. King and that there will never be another one.

Mr. King was born on a plantation near Itta Bena near Indianola. He mentioned that his father never outwardly said I love you. But Mr. King said that he had a way of talking to him that let him know. Whenever his dad was pleased with him he called B.B. "Jack". When he said that B.B. could see the love in his face.

Now folks there are many ways to tell your kids that you love them. But one of the strongest ways of doing so is through your own actions. What is that popular saying? Actions speak louder that words? How true! How True!

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