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Where did the thought “Is Superman gay?”

June 10, 2006

come from? It seems that there is some internet buzz that that the Man of Steel is gay. Now according to the Director of "Superman Returns" Bryan Singer, Superman is the most heterosexual character in any movie that he has made. Superman is played by Brandon Routh. Whose character in "Superman Returns" comes back to Earth after a 5 year hiatus.

He said that he thought that Superman was never gay at any time. You know what folks to my mind this is just pure craziness that such an issue would come up after what all is going on in the world. The people of the movie are trying to target a core group of young men to go see the movie and that is all. That is just a plain business move.

And because of that a magazine like The Advocate comes out with a story stating "How gay is Superman?" Then The LA Times comes out with its own feature regarding whether being gay will help out the movie.

Come on folks lets cut some slack here. In all of the stories, movies, comic books that I know of there has not been one reference about the Man of Steel being gay. Hey people lets just enjoy the movie when it comes out and not try not to make something out of nothing here.

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