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Is Garrison Keillor going Hollywood?

June 5, 2006

Nah I dont think so, but his show "A Praire Home Campanion" is. And I hope that is turns out to be a good movie. The movie stars Kevin Kline, Meryl Streep, Lindsay Lohan and certainly last but not least is Garrison Keillor himself. Robert Altman is the Director of the movie.

This Friday "A Prarie Home Companion" will open. Mr Keillor has been host of the radio show for 32 years now. The show appears every Saturday at 6 pm on over 500 radio stations across America. The show is a throw back to the Vaudeville days of entertainment filled with comedy sketches, music and fictional commercials and then there is the Mr Keillor's signature monolgue "The News from Lake Woebegone".

I have been a fan of the show for about 10 years now. As much as possible I try to listen in when the show is on. I find the show to be wholesome, funny, and just plain good entertainment. Something that is sorely lacking now these days. When it does come out I will find myself seated in the theatre with pop corn in hand and a drink in another enjoying the film. I hope that you guys do as well.

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