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It would seem to be that movie sets

May 31, 2006

are the place to be if you want to find love. Many a Hollywood couple has found love this way. At least this is what I am reading. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin and Kim Bassinger found love this way. And that is only just the tip of the iceberg.

After all workplace romances are common and they do make sense. Only difference is love is found on the movie set in glaring lights and in front of the camera as opposed to someone finding love in the cubicle in some office building with no one around.

Not that everything goes perfect in the world of Hollywood. Take the very public split of Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt. It sometimes makes me wonder how these people handle that type of problem. Lots of pressure here.

Well in this case we go back to step one. It has been reported that Jennifer may have and I stress may have a new boyfriend in Vince Vaughn who evidently she met approriately enough on the set of "The Break Up".

Of course Brad hooked up with Angelina during the filming of "Mister and Mrs. Smith". It is easier to make a connection with some one who understands the business of show business than with one who does not understand show business.

Thus that is why we have a lot of couplings on the movie set. For better or for worse as they say. 🙂

The source of information for this post comes from the AP Newswire on the Yahoo Entertainment News Server.

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